Tips for Giving Medication to your Baby or Toddler

Occasionally, babies and toddlers need medication. This can be a challenge for some parents. The following tips may help:
If you blow gently on a baby’s face, he or she will blink and swallow
Try using a straw so your toddler can sip up the medicine
Give an ice block to your toddler before giving the medicine – it will numb the taste buds
Have something to give your child after the medicine that he or she likes – a reward
Get your toddler to hold his or her nose – it will reduce the sensation of taste
If you use a syringe, syringe the medicine onto the inside of the cheek – there aren’t any bitter taste buds there
Remember to shake the bottle well before you give the medicine
Of course, when giving medication it is always important to remember safety as well.
Only give medication to the child it’s prescribed to
Never mix medicine with milk in a bottle – your child may not finish the bottle
Always finish the course of antibiotics – it reduces the emergence of resistant bugs
Always replace the cap and make sure it’s tightly screwed on
Don’t refer to medicine as a “sweet”, a “candy” or a “lolly” – if you do, your child may try and get some when you’re not looking
Never store medicines in drink or food containers
Keep medicines out of reach of children – remember toddlers are exploring their world and can climb