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How To Select A Sports Medicine Doctor

Although most people do not put very much thought or consideration into the sports medicine doctor they will visit, if you want to make your visits better than they’ve ever been before, taking the time to select the right doctor is a must. Choosing between the doctors that are available is not difficult to do, and will ensure that you are getting the proper treatments and remedies for all of your problems.

1. Ask Lots of Questions

With questions come answers, and when you’re trusting someone to take care of your health you should not remain quite! Make a list of questions that you want to ask the doctor so you will not forget anything. Compare the answers that you receive and this will ensure that you’re selecting a doctor who meets your standards.

2. First Impression

From the very first meeting with the doctor you should feel comfortable and content. That first impression really means something, and if you want to make the right choice then you will allow your first impression to guide you through the selection making process.

3. Friendly & Courteous

The staff at the clinic should be professional, courteous and friendly and make you feel welcomed, whether you’re calling on the phone or making a visit. This can change the entire mood of your visit, so choose wisely!

4. Location

Location is always important. There’s no reason to travel hours out of your way to find a good sports medicine doctor when you can certainly find one that Is within close proximity of work, school or home, make sure that you are carefully selecting the location of the clinic. Location is important, especially when your visit is after a long day of playing or a long day at work.

5. What about Specialist Services?

Sometimes sports injuries require more help than what the regular sports medicine doctor can provide to you, so it is important that you understand what they offer and where you will need to travel to get these services should they be needed.

6. Insurance/Costs

If you do not have insurance then you always want to consider the costs. Even with insurance coverage it is imperative that you carefully select the doctor that you will see. If you do not you risk the chance of running up some pretty expensive bills. The most expensive doctor is not always the best, so do not think this is true and seek out an expensive doctor.